All prospective ARWtr2022 participants are invited to submit their work in paper format, written in English language, previously unpublished and relevant to the conference topics to be evaluated by the Technical Committee. The accepted Final Full Papers should be presented by the registered Authors for discussion during Coffee Break-Poster Sessions.

The first step of the paper submission process for each potential paper starts with the submission of a two-pages digest according to deadlines, guidelines and instructions for Author.

The Author of approved paper digests will be kindly requested to submit the related Full Papers. Full Paper submissions will be blind peer-reviewed by at least 3 reviewers(1). The final version of those Full Papers accepted according to the reviewers' recommendation will be the Final Full Papers. Those Final Full Papers finally presented and discussed by the corresponding Authors, during Poster Session, will be submitted to be posted and published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Scopus and Web of Science databases.

A two-pages digest has to be written in English language and should contain the title of the paper, authors and contact information, a short abstract, keywords, a summary of the main content of the work (tables and figures included), conclusions and references. There is no specific template for the two-pages digest. Authors are recommended to download and follow the following template in WORD format: Digest_Template_ARWtr2022.v1.doc.

Further details about submission >>>

(1)All Authors should ensure that their paper fulfil the ARWtr_Statement_of_Originality: “All Authors of the submitted paper confirm that they have not published the paper with the same title neither content completely nor in parts of it in any other format before (journals, conferences, workshops, symposia or any other contribution).”

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