About ARWtr Conference

In the early 21st century Prof. Janusz TUROWSKI (Technical University of Lodz- Poland / Kowel·1927- Lodz·2020) and Prof. Xose M. LOPEZ-FERNANDEZ (University of Vigo- Galicia, Spain) had the great idea to organize an international friendly and familiar meeting devoted to share the highest level of practical knowledge in the field of transformers in the genuine Galicia-Spain atmosphere, the International Advanced Research Workshop on transformers (ARWtr).

Starting in Vigo- Spain in 2004, ARWtr is now established as a regular event organized every three years. After Vigo-ARWtr2004, very successful editions were held in Baiona-ARWtr2007, Santiago de Compostela-ARWtr2010, Baiona-ARWtr2013, and Isla de La Toja-ARWtr2016. All they took place in Galicia. Once consolidated, the ARWtr2019, was successfully held in Cordoba (Andalucia) hosted by ABB Transformers, the first time out of Galicia.

The 7th edition, ARWtr2022, will take place for the third time, at The Parador Royal Palace, in The Royal Village of Baiona, Spain, October (23)24-26, 2022.

Baiona was a trading center in the Middle Ages in Galicia (Northwest Spain) and has its place in history for being the first site in the Old World in knowing about the New World, later called America. Such a historical moment was in March 1493, when the Columbus first ship Carabela la Pinta, commanded by Pinzon and piloted by the Galician pilot Sarmiento, arrived at the Village.

The Royal Village of Baiona lies just on the Atlantic shore belonging to well-known natural estuaries originated by rivers, shaped by a chain of beaches, and protected by mountains, is called in the Galician language Rias Baixas. Nowadays, Baiona is one of the most attractive coastal towns in Galicia, the green community in the Northwest of Spain. The Old Town of Baiona is awarded as a Spanish historically and artistically Interesting Area.

Baiona, as a touristic town, is well communicated through Vigo by a good network of motorways, airport (Peinador) and railway station. Santiago de Compostela (Labacolla international airport) and Porto-Portugal (Sa Carneiro airport) are useful international connections to get Baiona.

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