Spanish Association for Transformer Innovation, Spain
University of Vigo, Spain
Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Under Patronage and Technical Co-sponsorship of :

IEEE Region 8 - Europe, Middle East and Africa
CIGRE Spain National Committee
CIGRE Portugal National Committee
IEEE Spain Section
IEEE PES Spain Chapter
CIGRE A2 Transformers Spain SC

With Co-Tech support of:

Red Eléctrica Spanish TSO (Transmission and System Operator)
Iberdrola Group of Energetic Spanish Companies, Spain
REN Portuguese TSO (Transmission and System Operator)
Hitachi Energy Cordoba, Spain
OMICRON Technologies España S.L., Spain
Megger Instruments S.L., Spain & Portugal
NYNAS AB Spain & Portugal
General Electric Monitoring & Diagnostic, Spain
Reinhausen España S.L. Spain & Portugal
Krilinex Power Solutions & Doble Spain

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