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Guidelines and instructions   for   A u t h o r s

Submission of   P a p e r   Digests (CLOSED)

This is the fist step of the paper submission process for each potential paper.

The two-pages Digest files (both WORD and PDF) should be submitted, indicating the full name and the e-mail address of the "Corresponding Author". The corresponding Authors should submit the Digest not later than the respective deadlines, by e-mail to the ARWtr2022 Secretariat: arwtr2022@uvigo.es

Digest submission will be closed according to deadlines.

Note that the Author who submits the Digest(s)/Paper(s) manuscript(s) should be designated the “Corresponding Author.” The “Corresponding Author” will receive the future communication regarding the paper(s). The decision letter about the acceptance of the paper is sent to the corresponding Author.

Submission of   Full   P a p e r (CLOSED)

The Authors of approved paper digest, to present in Poster Sessions, are kindly requested to submit the Full Papers according to deadlines, guidelines and intructions for Authors. Full Paper submissions will be blind peer-review by at least 3 reviewers. The final version of those Full Papers, finally accepted according to the reviewers' reccommendation, will be the Final Full Papers for including in the Final Programme and for submitting to the IEEE Xplore database.

Submission of   F i n a l   Full P a p e r (CLOSED)

The authors of approved Full Papers, to present in Poster Sessions, will be kindly requested to submit the final manuscript version according to deadlines, guidelines and intructions for Authors. Those final manuscripts have to be submited on the basis of the approved Full Paper and properly address the comments and concerns of the reviewers and Tecnical Committee and Editorial Board to ensure their final acceptance as Final Full Papers version.

The accepted Final Full Papers have to be Registered at the Conference for being included in the Final Programme. Only presented papers for discussion in an Poster Session will be sent to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library database.

All accepted Final Full Papers have to be provided with a final PDF version (following strictly the provided template and using the IEEE PDF eXpress to be translated in PDF; It will be crosschecked for similarity), a copyright form (by signing on the appropriate item when submitting the final version), an implicit acceptation of the ARWtr_Statement_of_Originality and a full registration of the corresponding Author by August 15, 2022.

Final Full papers should be prepared and submitted following the steps:

Step 1 - Prepare Your Final Full Paper Manuscript
Final Full paper, written in English and describing work previously unpublished(1), on the basis of the approved Full Paper must strictly conform to the ARWtr2022_IEEE-RediNtransf paper template (*only available below). Any submitted paper not compliant with the requested template will be automatically rejected.

* Here you could download the ARWtr2022_IEEE-RediNtransf in Microsoft Word A4 format:
[DOC] FullPaperTemplate_ARWtr2022_IEEE-RedINtransf.v1.doc
[DOCX] FullPaperTemplate_ARWtr2022_IEEE-RedINtransf.v1.docx
Formatting may not be altered.

Final Full Paper length could not exceed 6 full pages but not less than 4 pages.

Step 2 - Check Your Final Full Paper for IEEE Xplore-compatibility

IEEE is very strict about the requirements for converting application files to full-text PDF for inclusion in IEEE Xplore.

Please use "IEEE PDF eXpress" site to make IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs or validate your paper.

IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to ARWtr2022 Conference, allowing authors to make IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs (Conversion function) or to check PDFs that authors have made themselves for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Validation function), and finally to "Approve" before submission. The IEEE PDF eXpress process overview is located at:

The ARWtr2022 Conference ID is: 54586X

Once created your PDF eXpress Account at https://ieee-pdf-express.org
Log in with your email address.
i.Select "Dashboard" on the left menu.
ii. Click on "Creative New Title" (introduce the title of the paper). Follow the instructions on the screen.
iii. Upload File dragging and dropping the file to convert from Word to PDF format or PDF for validating if it is a Compatible PDF.
iv. If the converted or checked PDF file is ok (Download pdf in Actions icon), it is labeled within its properties as being "Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress" with an exact date and stamp. You will receive emails about the result of the conversion or checking. If you are satisfied with the file and want to submit it to our Conference, click on "Approve" in the Actions icon (labeled as "Approved" in the Status column: It is mandatory for transferring your Approved pdf file to our IEEE PDF eXpress database). You can then proceed to submit your final manuscript in PDF file format ("Download pdf" from the Actions icon) to us via the ARWtrMSS (see the next Step3).

First-time IEEE PDF eXpress users should do the following:
1. Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress
2. Select the "Create account" link.
3. Enter the following:
    · 54586X for the Conference ID
    · your email address
    · your password
4. Continue to enter information as prompted.
An Online confirmation will be displayed and email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

IEEE PDF eXpress is not a manuscript-collection system and does not replace the Conference _ARWtr Manuscript Submission System (ARWtrMSS).

Step 3 - Submit Your Final Full Paper through ARWtrMSS

Once authors have verified that they have IEEE Xplore-compatible versions of their manuscripts, they will still need to process the submission uploading their papers electronically in IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file format (converted and "Approve" in Step 2) through the

_ARWtr Manuscript Submission System (ARWtrMSS)

according to deadlines.

Final Full Papers which are not submitted true the ARWtr_Management_Submission_System (ARWtrMSS) will not be further processed!

Step 4 - Sign the Corpyright Transfer and Consent Form within ARWtrMSS

Copyright transfer to RediNtransf. All authors are required to fill in and sign the Copyright Form (one for each paper) during the final version submission (Final Full Paper) within ARWtrMSS ("Sign the REDINTRANSF Copyright Form"). Without this, the papers cannot be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library

(1)All authors should ensure that their paper fulfil the ARWtr_Statement_of_Originality: “All Authors of the submitted paper confirm that they have not published the paper with the same title neither content completely nor in parts of it in any other format before (journals, conferences, workshops, symposia or any other contribution).”

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