The ARWtr2022 Venue will be the Parador Royal Palace. The Conference comes to this spot for the third time, a Middle Age castle transformed into one of the jewels of the Spanish estate hotel.

The PARADOR lies in a peninsula within the precinct of The Royal Hill (Monte Real) surrounded by its fortified walls, before it was colonized by the Romans in the second century B.C., from where there is an incomparable view over the Atlantic horizon line shaped by Ria of Vigo, Cies and Estelas Islands, and the Bay of Baiona.

This emblematic building and its spectacular open landscape, aside but a walking distance from the Village, are the perfect balance of beauty, functionality, and versatility for enjoying of a safe in-person meeting in a preserved and clean atmosphere, which is our top priority.

Venue full address: Parador de Baiona, Avenida Arquitecto Jesús Valverde, 3 - 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra, Spain.
Coordinates: 42.12564489110547, -8.850164888665063


The Royal Village of Baiona, which lies just on the Atlantic shore belonging to well known natural estuaries originated by rivers, shaped by chain of beaches and protected by mountains, called in Galician language Rias Baixas.

Baiona is a village settled in the autonomous Community of Galicia (the green community in the Northwest of Spain), and one of the historic nationalities in the Iberian Peninsula. In Baiona, one will be able to taste the well-recognised quality of the coastal Galician's dishes. Through Galician's seafood, accompanied by the famous Albariño white wine, the visitor will understand the essence of this Community and live a unique and genuine experience.

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Transport. Getting to Baiona

Getting to Baiona is very easy via Vigo city.

You can reach Vigo from Madrid, Santiago de Compostela or the North of Portugal. Vigo has motorway and high-speed train connections with Madrid and other cities, like Bilbao. The Vigo Peinador Airport has connections with Spain’s main cities and several international destinations.

ARWtr2022 attendees are encouraged to plan the/a trip through/to Santiago de Compostela (90 km from Vigo/ 120 km from Baiona) in its Holy Year 2022: Xacobeo 2021-2022

By plane

The closest airport to Baiona is the Vigo Airport (Peinador Airport), only 22 minutes (25 km) far from Baiona BY motorway. Flying is the fastest option when travelling to Vigo from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Tenerife Norte and Gran Canaria, since these cities have direct flights to Vigo. Once you have landed, you can take a taxi or bus to Baiona. Taxi is recommended. By bus, you have to go to Vigo's Central Bus Station taking a urban bus or taxi. From there are buses every 30 minutes to Baiona on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays there are buses every hour. The company providing this service is called ATSA.

From Porto Airport (Porto Saa Carneiro Airport) and Santiago de Compostela Airport (Rosalía de Castro Airport, former Lavacolla) Autna, Alsa and Flixbus companies provide bus services to Vigo. The bus ride from Porto takes two hours, and from Santiago de Compostela one hour en half aprox.

By Train

Train is an alterntive to get Vigo. There are two railway stations: URZÁIZ where arrives and departs the AVE (Spain’s high-speed train), and GUIXAR, both of them just in the city centre. Once in Vigo, you have to go to Vigo's Central Bus Station by urban bus or taxi. From there are buses every 30 minutes to Baiona on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays there are buses every hour. The company providing this service is called ATSA.

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Do not lose to walk Santiago de Compostela in Holy Year 2022/ The Way of St. James

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984
"More than 300.000 people a year travel the oldest piligrimage rute in Europe on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Choose your way of living the Way" to reach Santiago de Compostela.

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COVID-19 Safety actions and procedures

We well understand that Covid continues to cause concern, especially with the recent Omicron variant case spike. However, case numbers have peaked and this gives us confidence the situation will be better under control by the end of October. Based on the data, we are committed to a face-to-face meeting.

We are proceeding in accordance with current best practices to create the safest possible environment, which is our top priority.

What we are implementing now is COVID-19 safety actions and procedures.

Safety actions are concerning to:

  • Reinforcing cleaning throughout the building, and especially on desktops, counters, touch screens, benches, toilets and transit areas (handrails, doors, handles, etc.).
  • Installation of antibacterial gel dispensers throughout the Conference Venue (reception, exhibition area, toilets, stairs, etc..) so that all visitors can use them.
Safety procedures are regarding to:
  • Earmarking of an isolation area for any participants who show symptoms, while waiting for the arrival of outside medical services.
  • Designation of a staff member that is available to monitor any additional back-up measures according to the needs of each event.

Last news: Travel Safe to Spain

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